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The Importance of Finding Wholesale Clothing Suppliers Who Upcycle and Recycle

We can no longer turn a blind eye to the heinous contribution fast fashion continues to have on the pollution of our planet. Many brands are looking to be more sustainable and ethical to try and combat this, alongside individuals taking their own personal responsibility when it comes to choosing how to shop for their clothes.

One of the best ways businesses and individuals can work against the status quo is by upcycling and recycling.

Though some larger corporations have jumped on board and are doing their bit to go greener, there’s still a long way to go, and “greenwashing” has become all too common. That said, if you have a clothing brand, or are looking to start one, it’s essential that you use wholesale clothing suppliers who upcycle and recycle their fabrics in a sustainable, and of course, ethical, way.

Read on to learn more about the difference between recycling and upcycling, as well as where you can get your hands on these kinds of fabrics from wholesale clothing suppliers for your business!

recycling fabrics

Most of us try to recycle wherever possible, and when we think of recycling, we often jump to plastics. But did you know that recycling clothes is arguably even more important to protect our planet? The fast fashion industry accounts as the second biggest polluter in the world, so it’s essential that we give thought to recycling our garments as readily as our plastic bottles!

When thinking about building a brand that does as little damage to the planet as possible, it’s essential that you think through your entire supply chain, from sourcing fabrics right through to packaging and shipping.

When you’re looking to create a new line of clothes, you’ll be torn between which wholesale clothing suppliers to choose. We understand that there are countless options out there, but when thinking of the environment, you must ensure that you use suppliers who recycle their fabrics (as well as manufacture them in an ethical and sustainable way).

At Masala Threads, we source all of our fabrics from ethical and sustainable means, meaning you can feel good about the entirety of your products.

upcycling fabrics and furniture

“One man's trash is another mans treasure...”

Upcycling is also a creative and innovative way to transform old items which most people happily discard, giving them a new lease of life!

Many of us have heard of, and may even boast in our living rooms, stunning pieces of upcycled furniture. But did you know it doesn’t stop at homeware? Clothing is also being upcycled more than ever today, giving people the opportunity to stand out and shine in completely original, guilt free garments.

The instinctive difference between recycled and upcycled clothing is that recycling involves destroying the waste and then creating something brand new, where upcycling takes waste in its current state and creates something fabulous from it!

If you’re an individual looking for upcycled garments or furniture, you’ll find more and more unique businesses popping up around town. Simply have a search and discover some gems.

If you’re a business owner and want to use upcycled fabrics for your upcoming products, read on to learn how to find the right wholesale clothing suppliers who handle these types of materials!

Where can i find wholesale

Clothing Manufacturers who recycle and upcycle fabrics?

At Masala Threads, we work with we work with incredibly talented artisans who make stunning quilts from scraps of fabric, and much more.

We can provide just about any fabric you can desire, and have a variety of ethical/sustainable/recycled and upcycled options to choose between. For more information, and to make any requests, feel free to book in a 30 minute discovery slot with our fabulous founder who will walk you through your options!

Using an ethical fashion agency like Masala Threads ensures that at every step of the way you're supply chain is 100% ethical and sustainable. We offer any or all of the following services for your beautiful brand: fabric sourcing, printing & dyeing, design & pattern cutting, manufacturing, photoshoots and eco-packaging.



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