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For details about our specialized photoshoots & videography.

Our fashion photographers, videographers and stylists are amongst the best in India and have been featured in Vogue, Solstice, and FHM to name just a few. We work with both Indian and international models. 

We offer social media and marketing, lookbook, catalogue and product shoots with talented product photographers both in studios, and in magnificent locations. We will work closely with you to create the perfect image for your products.

Stunning imagery sells. Photography is the whole face of a company and can make or break a brand. Stunning social media imagery, a professional and slick lookbook and high quality product photos are essential for attracting the right clientele. But why choose India for your photoshoots?

We shoot across India and Sri Lanka, and as one of the most diverse parts of the world, there is an endless list of spectacular places for photoshoots. For a fashion photographer, Asia is a dream come true. Location plays a huge part in the atmosphere of a brand and Masala Threads will make sure that you get your imagery spot on.

The first images that come to mind when many people think of India are the bustling streets of chaos and color in the cities. Shooting in such locations creates fantastic and vibrant scenes which can contrast amazingly with Western style clothing. From the old British architecture to the ancient sculptures and monuments, urban streets are always an exciting and vibrant backdrop. There are also beautiful locations for indoor shoots with tiled flooring, bay windows and fabulous furniture to compliment a brand.



Time spent in India has an extraordinary effect on one.It acts as a barrier that makes the rest of the world seem unreal.


– Tahir Shah

social media photography taken in urban India

The world famous Himalayas and northern regions offer magnificent mountain scenery, vast lakes, stunning forests and cozy log cabins. These serene and majestic locations lend themselves to incredible shoots and our fashion photographers can create amazing scenes that work with your items. 

Himalayan Mountains photoshoot locations
fashion photographers shooting a model in white dress
lookbook photographer photo of model in black outfit
product photographers picture of colored cushions
product photographers pictures of kantha quilts

The south of India is the land of tropical dreams. For beach and resort shoots, this is the region. Whether it be under the palm trees on the sand or in a Portugese villa, there are few better places to capture the essence of warmth and relaxation. Our lookbook photographer can create stunning images that will create the perfect mood for your collection.


Tropical Shoot of model in white floral outfit by fashion photographer


Our product photographers do ghost floating imagery for product shots which is essential for customers to see the detailed final products. The more a consumer can see exactly what a brand is selling, the more likely they are to trust them and then go on to purchase.  Our state of the art studios can also be used for lookbook photoshoots. Studio settings give a clean and crisp impression and are excellent for website catalogue photography.


Let’s start creating the perfect image for your brand.

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