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Clients chat with our fashion business consultant to create a vision, and begin the process of making ideas a reality.

We make detailed illustrations before proceeding onto the technical drawings for pattern cutting.

We will bring ideas to life.

Whether our clients are new to the game and want us to design from scratch, or are experienced fashion designers, the Masala Threads team will facilitate the creation of the perfect end product. It is essential to have a thorough a sustainable design process to provide an understanding of not only the aesthetic but also to achieve a perfect end result. The comfort, wearability, durability and fall of the fabric all go towards making a product successful in the consumer market. 

pattern cutter


Our design workflow consists of several steps before the final production is begun: 


Step 1 - Moodboard


The first step is the primary brainstorming phase. Here, we consult directly with the client

to come up with the main concept. We will create and share mood boards which will be the foundation for the garment fashion design process or designer homeware collection. Based on the original ideas, we will help choose the necessary color palettes, and take inspiration from related themes, trends and forecasts within the client’s field. This is a critical part of the whole process as it maps out the mood, theme and exact style of the collection.










Step 2 - Illustrations


After the concept is agreed upon, we proceed to show the final items by creating detailed fashion/product illustrations. Seeing the designs become a reality with the patterns and colors, enables the client to envision the final product. At this stage, any edits if necessary, can be made. Once approved, we begin the detailed technical drawings which include the exact measurements and shapes ready for the next step.



Step 3 - Pattern Cutting


This stage in the process really 

brings the designs to life. Here, the

illustrations move from the screen to

the table where our master pattern cutter will turn the approved

illustrations into patterns. They are

then cut using the chosen fabric and

they are made into the actual    

garments, cushions or whatever they

may become.

Step 4 - Samples


This part is very exciting as it is the first time that the finished pieces are seen with the fabrics. We as the sample maker will create each item and then courier them to the client for final approval. Once given the green light, we will begin production.


Discuss your design ideas with us and let’s get our creative juices flowing.

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