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Our clients receive an extensive choice of fabrics and trimmings to suit their individual requirements and budgets.


We offer special handmade fabrics and an unlimited number of clothing material options as well as homeware textiles sourced from village communities. This gives fair opportunities to artisans across India to showcase their talents. We also have many options of machine made fabrics. Whatever you are looking for we can find it for you. The importance of fabric sourcing from ethical and sustainable fabric suppliers is paramount.


Not sure what you need? We will work with you every step of the way offering advice and all possible options until we get it just right.

India is a land of nearly 1.4 billion people and with 28 states, it houses a wide diversity in both culture and design. Each region showcases their own unique designs and techniques that go back hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. At Masala Threads we will match your requirements with our expertise to make sure that you have the perfect fabrics for your collection.

We and the client have the common objective of creating the best finished products. If a client has an ethical homeware brand for example, cushions, may need to be more durable, whereas a flowing dress for ethical clothing production needs to fall and move in the right way.

The slightest change in the weave or knit can transform the end result completely, so we are here to suggest what will suit best and be our client's guide for sourcing sustainable fabrics. We work with all kinds of fabrics. Finding a trusted organic cotton supplier is very difficult but we are proud to offer cottons, bamboo cottons, linens and hundreds of types of textiles which are sourced from GOTS certified sustainable locations. Since ancient times, when the country was an integral part of the silk road trades, India has been famous for its beautiful silks. We offer many different kinds, from the softest and most luxurious Mulberry silk, to hand woven and even the newly popular vegan 'peace' silks. The peace silk does not harm the silk worms in the production process. 


People cannot think of India without acknowledging the incredible variety of embroideries. From handwork techniques passed down from generation to generation, to special machine styles, the selection is infinite. As with the fabrics, every region has its own particular styles and the choices are endless. Some of the most famous include the intricate mirror work, ‘Shisha’, from the northern state Rajasthan, and the beautiful patchworks of Kantha quilts which are very popular in the West. At Masala Threads, we also provide machine embroidery made with state of the art technology to create perfect designs.


The finishing touches are also incredibly important with any final product and every detail counts. We will source buttons, zippers and any accessories that may be needed. 


We cannot wait to discuss your requirements to begin the journey of finding the perfect fabrics and trimmings for your brand. Book your free 30 minute discovery call HERE.

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