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Explore the abundance of Indian techniques.

Bandhani Tie Dye India

We offer traditional and modern printing and dyeing techniques such as block printing, digital printing, tie dye

and many more. We also offer natural dyes. 


We pride ourselves in showcasing many of India’s stunning traditional techniques as well as helping to keep these crafts alive. We offer clients a wide array of colors and designs. These can be done with natural and plant dyes which include the rich tones of spices such as saffron and turmeric, or an unlimited array of up to date pantone colors. 

In India, fabric is art. Tie dye for example, can be done in many different ways, such as the chic 'Shibori' tie dye style popular on the West or the beautiful knotted ‘Bandhani’ technique which originated in the Northern state of Gujurat.

The term ‘Bandhani’ literally means to ‘tie up’ as the fabric

is knotted so as to resist the dye, thus creating beautiful and unique patterns which are beautiful for fashion printing as well as home textiles.

Block printing is another method that is very popular in the West in both fashion prints and home textiles. The Indian block print techniques are arguably the best in the world. This exquisite method which originated in the magical city of Jaipur in Rajasthan, sees patterns stamped onto fabric using wooden blocks. The slight imperfections and movements of the human hand make the stunning block printing India has been making for centuries, even more beautiful.

We also offer faster and more modern crafts each with their own distinct appeal. Screen Printing (or Serigraphy) forces the ink through a stencil, creating a print on the fabric. This method will create beautiful and subtle prints. Digital fashion printing is another widely used modern technique, where the number of colors are unlimited and where the prints are bolder and more crisp than their more traditional counterparts. Both can be done on a wide array of fabrics from silk and satin to linen and cotton.


We give our clients a multitude of options to choose from so that they make the right decisions for their brand. Our experts are able to work on a wide range of fabrics with many different designs. If given illustrations or graphics, whether they are fashion prints, designs for Indian block print or just want to brainstorm and conceptualise ideas, we can make our client’s imagery come to life on fabric. Above all, whatever method or technique a client chooses, Masala Threads will ensure high quality dyeing and patterns with every order.


We look forward to exhibiting to you the enormous array of printing and dyeing techniques available, and finding out what will fit your brand. 

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