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By working with Masala Threads, your company will be part of something much bigger in the fight against women's exploitation, child labour and slavery. Our 100% female team are given a safe, loving and secure working environment so they can feel valued and respected.  

We care not only about the products we create and ensuring sustainable supply chain management, but also about the people

who make them. We train women without opportunities to have new lives in a supportive atmosphere and with fair wages.

We also provide our workers with health care and ongoing assistance and a percentage of proceeds from all our productions go to NGO's.

Our production times range from 1-3 months depending on the order size. All quality checking is done in house and we guarantee perfect items made to an excellent standard. We courier samples directly to our clients for approval.


So why should you care about

who makes your products? 


It is a common belief that slavery is a thing of the past, but in reality, there are still 27 million people being used as slaves across the world. Many businesses prefer to look the other way, than to face up to the fact that they are selling items manufactured in conditions of human suffering and abuse. The textile industry has been identified as one of the five key industries that contributes to modern slavery and child labour. For clothing manufacturing India has one of the worst child labour figures in the world. Children are even preferred by some factories as their tiny hands make it quicker and easier to make garments fast. We partner with brands that want to join the growing shift of business owners who are saying no to exploitation.

Founder Dawn Schuster with her team of amazxing women for Masala Threads Ethical Supply Chain

At Masala Threads, we maintain total transparency and we are proud to be able to ensure that our clients can stand by their products and go through the whole supply chain mapping process with complete integrity. As custom clothing manufacturers, our clients can be proud of their products. Today in the fashion industry sustainability is a topic that is being constantly discussed. Fashion and sustainability have progressed massively however the ethics of who actually makes the garments is still often overlooked. We at Masala Threads fight against the injustice faced by the workers in the manufacturing industry, by giving our employees fair wages, medical insurance and emotional support.  We give opportunities and training to women who are underprivileged and have been denied an education. 


Our factories all have fair pay, good working hours and healthy working conditions. 


Discuss with us how to make your brand completely ethical with a sustainable AND ethical supply chain map.

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