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Sustainable clothing manufacturers who use stunning tie dye techniques!

From acid dyes and disperse dyes, to sulfur dyes and natural dyes, the possibilities for dyeing clothing are endless.

However, we hope you'll join us in agreeing that one of the most striking, colourful, and let’s face it, beautiful dyeing techniques of all is undoubtedly the tie dye.

Did you know that when it comes to tie dyeing, there are literally hundreds of different techniques and intricate craftsmanships at play?

In today’s article, we’re going to be taking a look at just a few of these exquisite tie dyeing techniques. We'll also delve into how and why sustainable clothing manufacturers are using these techniques to create one of a kind garments for more ethically/conscious minded brands across the globe.

Shibori dyeing

Shibori dyeing is a traditional form of Japanese dying, which is commonly linked to the tie dye. The Japanese word 絞り translates loosely to “squeeze” or “wring”, referring to the actions of the artform, often considered to be the oldest of all Japanese indigo dyeing techniques. It's now a method used across the world, most notably in India.

Unlike some of the more “common” tie dye techniques we’re accustomed to seeing from the 1960’s (which use much less of an intricate approach when twisting the garment from the center), Shibori artists immerse themselves in the craft, using fine threads across a number of points on the material. This process creates much more bespoke and breathtaking detail and stands out in comparison to modern day tie dye alternatives.

This style of dyeing takes a steady hand, precision and a lot of knowledge of the craft. That said, finding sustainable clothing manufacturers who use such techniques are harder to come by. But don’t worry, read on to find out where you can source such stunningly patterned fabrics.

bandhani dyeing

Bandhani (Hindi: बांधानी) is another form of tie dyeing which dates back to 4000 B.C. Bandhani dyeing is created by plucking at the fabric with the fingernails in order to form minuscule bindings. These bindings create hundreds of different stunning designs and patterns, and no one piece will ever be quite the same.

The main colours used in this style of dyeing are yellow, blue, red, green and black, though there are realms of options.

Bandhani is one of the most delicate dying techniques on our planet and watching the artists at work is simply mesmerising - take our word for it!

The majority of Bandhani dyeing takes place in Gujarat, Sindh, Rajasthan, Temil Nadu and Punjab.

WHY IS THERE A DEMAND FOR Sustainable clothing manufacturers?

Today, thankfully, many brands are looking to become more ethical and sustainable, due to the every growing knowledge of how cruel to humankind and the environment the fast fashion is.

With that said, clothing brands are now making a conscious decision to find sustainable clothing manufacturers who can offer sustainable and ethically made fabrics with as little waste as possible.

It's important for you and your customers to realise that the techniques mentioned above (alongside many others) take a lot of craftsmanship, care and time to complete. We should ensure that the workers who create these fabrics are treated as humanely and fairly as possible, while ensuring that our planet doesn't suffer thanks to any nasty chemicals which can pollute the environment as well as harm our delicate skin or the skin of anyone handling them.

It's important to point out that as a business owner, looking to use sustainable fabrics with tie dye (or and other techniques), you need to be vigilant when sourcing your fabrics. Make sure that your suppliers are truly ethical and sustainable by doing the necessary checks.

Where can i find Sustainable

Clothing Manufacturers who use these TIE DYE techniques?

We know what you're thinking... These techniques look absolutely stunning, and you want them used for your brands' next line, but “where can I actually find these sustainable clothing manufacturers?!”.

Don’t fret… at Masala Threads, we’ve got you covered!

We have ethical suppliers who produce these magnificent, bespoke tie dye techniques for you to use for your beautiful business.

Using an ethical fashion agency like Masala Threads ensures that at every step of the way you're supply chain is 100% ethical and sustainable. We offer fabric sourcing, printing & dying, design & pattern cutting, manufacturing, photoshoots and eco-packaging.

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