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How sustainable fashion designer agencies can improve your brand

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

If you have a fashion business and are looking for some tips and tricks to take your brand to the next level, then hiring fashion designer agencies could be your key to success!

Of course, as our mission is to help brands become completely ethical and sustainable, we would only advocate the use of agencies who focus on ethical and sustainable practices.

Read on to learn more about what exactly sustainable fashion designer agencies have to offer, and how they can help you and your brand.

What is the process when working with fashion designer agencies?

Fashion designer agencies, quite literally, bring your creative ideas to life.

The process will usually begin by you, as the business owner, explaining to the designers what your vision is for your brand and for for your upcoming line. Your vision is incredibly important to your brand, as only you know exactly which boxes need to be ticked, so it's important that you thoroughly go through your ideas clearly and concisely.

From there, the designers will also offer their insights and also walk you through the current fashion trends and trends of the season, so you can really fine tune your initial ideas.

This next stage of the process is a brainstorming and consultation phase, where you will pin down what your main concept is. Mood boards, or other visualisation processes, will be used to home in on your new collection. Pinterest is a great way to collaborate all your ideas in one place and for the designers to share their boards with you.

The mood boards will include your preferred colour palettes, and any good designer will also add in a few suggestions of their own so you can see some alternate options.

This critical stage of the design process is pivotal to the collection, as it maps out the theme, mood and overarching style of the line.

Sustainable fashion agencies can help your brand succeed!
The first stage of the process brings your ideas to life!

Once this is completed, you'll be sent a tech pack from your designer, including all the details like the fabrics, buttons, zips, all the colour and exact measurements and grading for all sizes you're offering.

Next up, the fashion designer agencies will work with you on which prints you'd like to use. The illustrations previously created with via mood boards will now really come to life, as your fashion designer shows you the different sample options.

Lastly, and most excitingly, comes the samples process, where after you're decided on your fabric and dyeing options, you'll actually be able to see (and try on!) your brand new garments. See whether the shape works on you and take note of all the small edits that might be needed prior to production.

Be sure to show off your new line to your friends and family and get some real honest feedback here. This is your last chance to make those final tweaks!

Fashion designer agencies create patterns and samples for your business
Patterns and samples will be provided by your designer!

With fabrics, it's important to ensure that you're opting not only for sustainably made options, but also ensure that those creating and manufacturing the fabrics are treated ethically.

Once you're happy with the samples, you're ready to make a start on the production and manufacturing of your brand new sustainable line of clothing... exciting times!

Where can i find a sustainable

fashion designer agency to help me?

At Masala Threads, we offer design services, where our fashion business consultant will take the reigns, ensuring that your vision and mission is visualised in your new garment line.

We work with you on a one to one basis to really understand your ideals as a brand, and have a huge range of knowledge in the sustainable fashion industry so are happy to give our ideas and thoughts if needed.

We'll ship your samples straight to your door, and after approval, we can also handle production using only ethical and sustainable materials.

At Masala Threads, we offer all of the following services and we'll gladly get you on the path to a brand you're truly proud of: fabric sourcing, printing & dyeing, design & pattern cutting, manufacturing, photoshoots and eco-packaging.



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