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Creating your brand's sustainability roadmap.

All consultations are tailored to every client's needs and

requirements, depending on the brand and where they are at

in their journey. 

I will guide you one on one, from start to finish on how to get

your transparent, sustainable and ethical brand going from the

start right up to delivery. Whichever stage you are at in your

brand journey, we can focus on the elements you need.

Below are subjects we may cover. 

Dawn Schuster Fashion consultant


The initial sustainability consultant intro call will include an in depth discussion about your brand's goals, targets, audience, budgeting and geography. I will give expert advice on how we can get the process started.

Sourcing Plan

In this consultation we will focus on the fabrics, materials and trims for your brand.

FABRIC: We will cover fabric technicals and MOQ's of different sustainable fabric options as well as the limitations and benefits of different textiles. We will cover wovens, knits, handlooms, recycled fabrics and many more. We will do a deep analysis of the styles you are planning and I will make suggestions as to what will work best for your brand and within your budget. We will cover sustainable fabric certifications such as GOTS and FSC.


PRINTING & DYEING: I will give detailed guidance on the dyeing and printing options available and how they are done. 


TRIMS: I will suggest alternative sustainable options for buttons, zippers, tags and trims that will work with your brand.


It is after meeting 2 that we can prepare a swatch book to send you all suggested fabrics so you can feel and see them in person before finalizing.

Design & Collection Conception 

We will discuss all the details of creating and developing a successful and balanced collection that will be sellable and which styles will appeal best to your target market.


As your personal sustainability consultant, I will brainstorm with you and will advise trend forecasting and we will create mood boards which we will work on over the following week. We will delve into the extra finishing touches that can make your brand stand out. Once decided, we can begin tech pack creation for your whole collection.

Manufacturing & Partnership Connections

In this session we will focus on the type of manufacturer that will fit your brand's vision, ethics and specifications. I will analyze which of our vetted and certified factories to partner you with in terms of your product, quantities and price brackets. Our partners range from MOQs of just 300 pieces right up to 70,000 pieces. I will connect you with a suitable merchandiser who will be your direct point of contact through the whole production process from sampling right up to order completion. 


For brands that are looking for artisan/handmade and speciality items and embroidery work, I will source options from communities and regions that fit your brief and that have been personally visited by myself and my team. 

If you are interested in partnering with charities and social projects, I will partner you will charities and NGO's that have been vetted by myself and my team.

For all partnerships, we will provide photos, certifications and details of all establishments. 

Packaging, Labelling & Finishings

We also have fantastic sustainable packaging and labelling suppliers. To add that extra touch to your brand, there must be a beautiful unboxing experience which fits the brand's ethos and style. Labels and tags for your brand also we will discuss the best options to fit your brand's image.

Marketing, Events & Web Design

We will delve into a plan for launching you collection. I will connect you with trusted marketing, SEO and web design experts. I will also advise a sales strategy from my ongoing experience out on the road. Which exhibitions and shows and popups your brand should be at and where you are best putting your money. We will discuss how to set up retail and wholesale pricing for your market and how to split your stock between wholesale, influencers, consignment etc. Every brand is very different. 

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