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How to Start a Clothing Business Sourcing From India

There are so many things to take into consideration when you’re thinking about how to start a clothing business. With design, manufacturing, what fabrics to use, marketing and a whole heap more to take into account, it can seem overwhelming. But don’t fret! We’re going to take you through things step by step, starting with the fabrics and dyes you plan to use to dazzle your future customers...

One of the most important things to consider when in the initial stages of building your business is, of course, the clothes themselves! Do you know where you’ll be sourcing your fabrics from? What about the dyes and colours used? Have you put thought into whether your manufacturing will be sustainable, ethical, or both? Without further ado, let’s get into it!

How to create a clothing business using the best fabrics?
Indian Silks and Cloths Have Been Being Produced for Thousands of Years!

Where Should I Source

My Fabrics?

When it comes to sourcing fabrics, the exquisite fabrics and mesmerizing colours of India have always been the beloved first choice of the fashion world. The region has always been well known for its breathtaking silk saris, embroidered with silver, gold and embellishments.

But did you know that India was also the very first region in the world to cultivate cotton? Beyond this, they introduced the spinning wheel, which enabled the cotton to be transformed into thread and create some of the finest clothes on our globe.

How to create a clothing business which is ethical and sustainable?
The Wonders of Indian Artisan

Alongside this, there are a wide range of stunning silks cultivated from the region, including Mulberry, Banarasi, Kosa, Tasar and Muga (to name a few!).

India is also home to some of the most incredible artisan forms, like block printing, which gives you the ability to add any pattern (from simple to intricate) to fabrics with perfect precision.

What About Dyes?

With the blossoming of the Indian textile industry for more than 5000 years, came the introduction of natural dyes and colours which are ever growing in popularity due to their vibrant and distinctive hues.

The colossal expanse of the “land of colour” gives way to a range of organic dying options, such as turmeric, rubia, indigofera and catechu. They are all used to produce some of the most magical colours in the world.

How to create a clothing business with beautiful dyes and fabrics?
There's Just So Many Organic Dyes and Colours from India

How to Start a Clothing

Business Which is Ethical

and Sustainable?

So you’ve decided that using Indian textiles and dyes is the way forward for you! But are you wondering how to start a clothing business which is also ethical and sustainable? How would you know where your clothes are being manufactured and by whom?

Well, we at Masala Threads, are an ethical fashion agency, who not only source and manufacture the most beautiful Indian fabrics, but we offer a whole range of other services too, depending on what you require. If you choose our manufacturing services, know that all your clothes will be produced by ethical means, including women who have been saved from a life of sex trafficking.

Our whole range of services includes: design, sourcing, printing & dying, manufacturing, photoshoots and eco packaging.

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