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Why Should Your Business Have an Ethical Supply Chain?

It's all people seem to be talking about these days... ethical this, sustainable that. From the more reputable brands like Stella McCartney and Levi to smaller brands just starting out, everyone seems to be jumping (or starting to jump) on board. But what does being ethical and sustainable in fashion really mean, is it really so important, and what steps could we be taking as business owners right now to move in the right direction?

Well, let's break it down!

Why your business should have an ethical supply chain
Sustainable & Ethical Brands are the Way to Go!

What is the Difference Between

Ethical and Sustainable Fashion?

Having a completely ethical supply chain takes into account the “moral” issues which we are all too aware of when it comes to where our clothes really come from. It ensures that at every point of the production line, workers are treated humanely and paid fairly. To have a completely ethical supply chain, businesses need to take into account every aspect of the production process. From the cotton pickers to those packaging and sealing the items, every person should be respected and appreciated.

Sustainable fashion (or slow fashion) is something slightly different, and focuses more heavily on protecting and saving our wonderful world and our ecosystem. As you might have guessed from the name, sustainable garments are made to last. Fast fashion is the second biggest polluter in our world and sustainable fashion seeks to eliminate (or at least reduce) the terrible impact this has had on our planet. Sustainable fashion focuses more on quality over quantity. The shift towards sustainable garments means that brands offer less items, but what they offer is of much higher quality than that of, say, a throwaway tank top from Primark. Garments may be pricier, but they will remain as staples in your closet for years and years to come. They are sure to stand the test of time rather than ending up in the trash.

How can you make an ethical supply chain?
Model Wears Fun Dress Made From Recycled Materials

In a nutshell, the damage we have already done to our planet at the hands of fast fashion has led to a shift in consciousness in recent years. No longer can we turn a blind eye to the way our clothes are being produced behind the scenes. We are finally awakening to the terrifying reality of what will happen if we continue to ignore the impact we are having.

This said, having an ethical supply chain and a sustainable one go hand in hand – consumers are gravitating towards guilt-free fashion, free of destruction to the planet and to our fellow human beings. In turn, businesses are being more mindful of not only what consumers want, but what our planet needs...

So How Do I Create a Sustainable and

Ethical Supply Chain for my Business?

Whether you're already a business owner, or are thinking of starting a brand new venture, I'm sure the question of sustainability and ethics has crossed your mind when it comes to creating your beautiful brands. For example, ever wondered how that Chinese manufacturer can offer you pittance for a mass of fabrics for example? Something just doesn't feel right, and that's because something definitely isn't.

At Masala Threads, we work with clients who have existing brands or new brands and are looking to create a sustainable and ethical supply chain from start to finish. We do all the hard work for you! Everything from sourcing fabrics, dying and printing, manufacturing, photography and even eco-friendly packaging are taken into account, ensuring that your business can flourish comforted in the knowledge that every item you sell has come from a good place.

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