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 This 10 point essential checklist will give you clarity

on how to create a 100% transparent business that

you can be proud of.  

Four years ago, I had the dream of setting

up an ethical wholesale clothing brand in India. I was soon met with every possible hurdle.

Lying and cheating fabric suppliers, disastrous photoshoots and every scam under the sun.

You name it - it happened to me!


I travelled all across India and after all the struggles, I finally tuned every step down to a tee. I am now proud to offer the wide range of services that I have

discovered for others through Masala Threads.


I have established strong relationships with honest, ethical manufacturers, talented artisans and world renowned photographers.

I work with and give proceeds to sustainable clothing manufacturing factories which rescue, rehabilitates, train and hire women rescued

from sex trafficking and abusive backgrounds.

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